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Top 8 Remote Work Tools for Remote Teams

It’s impossible to imagine working remotely without using various organization and productivity tools. Of course, we mustn’t also forget the apps that enable us to have efficient communication even though we may not even be in the same country as other team members. In this article, we’ll cover the top 8 remote work tools that may improve your team’s efficiency.


Slack is much more than a simple remote communication tool. It’s very different from other apps because you can create various channels. This allows you to organize your work and your files by different criteria – some teams have a separate channel for each client, others organize their work by topics, and so on. Of course, there is also group chat as well as direct, private messages to other team members. The best thing about Slack is that it’s much safer than other communication tools and your data will be protected.


If you’re like most remote teams, you have many different tasks – some of them are urgent, others should be done this week, while some of them are not urgent but still need to be done. Trello allows you to organize tasks for the whole team by creating different lists – daily lists, weekly lists, monthly lists, or general to-do lists without a deadline. It’s ideal for big teams where everyone needs to stay on track of everything that’s going on.


There are two kinds of remote teams: the first group loves Trello while the second prefers using Asana. Both tools are very similar and they’re used for similar purposes – time management and organizing your tasks. However, some people love Asana because they find it more intuitive and user friendly. and it helps them focus on things that matter most. It not only allows you to deal with your tasks, but there is also a lot of space for leaving comments and communicating with other team members.

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If you’ve ever had to transcribe your audio files to text manually you know how much time it takes. Especially in professions like journalists, or any other professional that has to record things often – whether it has to do with a press conference, podcasts, or interview transcription. One of the most important tools for remote teams is Audext – the tool that can convert audio file to text. The tool is very fast and accurate, and even if you want to change something you can edit the text in the editor on the website. This app can also be very useful for students who record their lectures and would like to create text files that they can study from. It’s a perfect app for everyone that wants to save their precious time and convert audio to text automatically.


Hive is an all-in-one project management tool that will allow you to simplify your work process and use fewer different tools. It has everything – from assigning tasks and scheduling things, to chat and providing feedback to your coworkers. The best thing about this app is that you can integrate it with most other apps you use on a daily basis.

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Tracking work time is one of the most challenging things for every remote team. Clockify is an easy and intuitive app that allows you to track the time you spent doing a certain task. It will help you improve your time management by showing you if there is anything you can do more efficiently and stop wasting your time.


Todoist is a simple yet powerful tool for creating all kinds of lists. The best thing about this tool is its simplicity – there are no distractions. It helps you organize your priorities and stay focused on the things that matter most. Many people use it both for work-related things as well as private stuff such as shopping lists or running their errands.


This is a project management tool that can be useful to anyone who has to manage a remote team with more people, whether you’re a team leader, HR manager, or supervisor. It allows you to create workflows, assign tasks, and follow the progress of your team members. It’s very intuitive and flexible, and you can customize everything according to the needs of your team

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